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Not only growboxes, greenhouses or workshops can do without quality air conditioning, but also offices, paint shops, bathrooms, toilets, kitchens or restaurants.
The choice of air conditioning is, of course, linked to the specific requirements of the standards for the specific space and operating conditions.
The heart of any air exchange system is the fan.
There are a huge number of them on the market and they have many categories and subcategories.
But no worries, we will simplify this chaos a bit for cultivation purposes:

AXIAL FANS - (TT, VKO) although they have a large air flow, but a low transport pressure and therefore they are great especially for air intake, in the shortest possible ducting with a minimum number of bends.
In the case of air extraction, the ducts must not exceed 5m in length and in no case should axial fans be connected to a carbon filter, as air resistance (duct length, bends, dampers, grilles, etc.) reduces their efficiency and unnecessarily increases consumption, overheating and consequently risk of tripping the temperature fuse, which is considered a NON-WARRANTY REPAIR for this type of fan!

RADIAL FANS - (CAN FAN - RUCK, PRIMAKLIMA) they are basically the opposite of axial fans.
They have a smaller air flow, but a high transport pressure and will not be endangered even by smaller solid particles, which predestines them mainly to extract air through the carbon filter through longer pipes.
The length of the air line depends on the number of obstacles (bends, flaps, grilles, etc.), but should not be longer than 26m.

FANS WITH AC MOTOR - have a traditionally designed electric motors and are ideal for occasional ventilation of an enclosed space.

FANS WITH EC MOTOR - (PRIMA KLIMA ECQ-MAX ECHYPERFUN)are powered by modern electric motors with higher power, lower consumption and minimal noise.
Thanks to their unique design, they have a much longer service life and enable completely precise power control by digital controllers.
Although their prices are higher, user comfort, low noise, service life and operating costs means a clear advantage for EC fans.

SILENTED FANS - (ISO-MAX, Q-MAX EC, VECTOR SILENCED EC, HYPERFAN STEALTH EC) are equipped with insulating, noise-absorbing material and their operation is very discreet.
If you already own a non-insulated fan and want a little peace, we recommend installing a SILENCER.
However, the purchase of a silented fan together with 2 pieces of these silencers will ensure total and absolute soundproofing of your ventilation unit.

FANS WITH CONTROLLER - (PRIMA KLIMA TC) allow either manual speed switching or comfortable automatic control based on measured values ​​(temperature / humidity).

OSCILLATION AND CIRCULATION FANS - can be clip, wall, stand or floor and are used for air circulation.

First, calculate the volume of space you want to ventilate (length x width x height).
Then multiply the number of cubic meters by the data in the chart below and then just look for a fan with a similar or slightly higher output.
For example, if your bathroom has 10 m3, you need an axial fan (exhaust) with an output of 40-70 m3/h and therefore the PROFAN VKO 100 fan with an output of 107 m3 / h is ideal for you.

growbox 30 - 50x / h
toilets 7 - 14x / h
bathrooms 4 - 7x / h
bedroom 2 - 4x / h
kitchen 7 - 11x / h
offices 3 - 6x / h
meeting rooms 5 - 8x / h
bars 14 - 22x / h
garages 3 - 8x / h
shops 6 - 9x / h

Slightly different rules apply in plant growing rooms. There is a big difference whether we use HPS lamps or LED lighting, whether the average air temperature is 20 or 24°C.
For easier orientation and easier selection, we present the following table:


Average growing room temperature (° C) Required air exchange at 1W HPS lighting (m3/h) Required air exchange at 400W HPS lighting (m3/h) Required air exchange at 600W HPS lighting (m3/h) Required air exchange at 1000W HPS lighting (m3/h)
20 0,6 240 360 600
21 0,73 293 440 730
22 0,87 348 522 860
23 1 400 600 1000
24 1,13 452 680 1130
25 1,27 580 762 1270



Average growing room temperature (° C)

Required air exchange at 1W LED lighting (m3/h)

Required air exchange at 400W LED lighting (m3/h)

  Required air exchange at 600W LED lighting (m3/h) Required air exchange at 1000W LED lighting (m3/h)
20 0,3 120 180 300
21 0,37 148 222 370
22 0,44 176 264 440
23 0,5 200 300 500
24 0,57 228 342 570
25 0,64 256 384 640


According to the given tables, you can easily derive a suitable fan output, just search for your type of lighting and measure the average temperature.
But always count on a certain power reserve for summer periods or for very small rooms, because they heat up faster.
At the same time, there is clear evidence that when you buy quality LED lighting (such as LUMATEK), you also save on the purchase and operation costs of air conditioning.

The best price / quality ratio is clearly offered by PRIMA KLIMA and RUCK CAN-FAN fans.
HYPERFAN and GLOBAL AIR SUPPLIES fans offer great quality.
If you are still unsure, do not hesitate to write or call us.
We will be happy to help you with the selection!