Prima Klima


High-performance and efficient Prima Klima fans with optimized aerodynamic shape and minimal energy consumption, thanks to the latest EC / AC technologies, are designed for continuous operation and provide above-standard airflow.


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Prima Klima nástěnný držák pro ventilátor PK100 PK125 39500
PK100 L PK1R800163
PK125 L PK1R420125
PK150 A PK1R800170
PK150 L PK1R800171
PK160 A PK1R800161
PK160 L PK160-L
PK200 A PK200-A
PK250 L1 PK1R800162
PK125WHSP 2 photo front PK125-WHSP-2
PK125WHSP L photo front PK125-WHSP-L
PK125WHSP 3 photo front PK125-WHSP-3
PK150 ECblue PK1R800173
PK160 ECblue PK1R800172
PK100 ECblue PK100-ECBLUE
PK250 ECblue PK1R800167
PK125WHSPEC TC photo front PK125-WHSPECTC
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