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Germicidal light

The germicidal lamp is a special lamp that emits ultraviolet radiation in the C spectrum (UVC) with a light wavelength of 253.7 nm.


It is used for sterilization of the environment, air, liquids or the surface of objects, i.e. wherever it is necessary to achieve high sterility in a short time.
Most often in healthcare and food industry.
It perfectly kills germs, viruses, fungi, pests.
It is suitable for disinfection of households, doctor's waiting rooms, social spaces, etc.

The germicidal lamp destroys organisms with intense ultraviolet radiation, which causes disruption of cellular structures.
This radiation is also dangerous for humans.
Therefore, germicidal lamps should NEVER directly irradiate areas where humans or animals occur at the same time.
Different doses of radiation are needed to destroy different types of microorganisms.

Bacteriocidal shortwave ultraviolet radiation is used to effectively sterilize air, fluids and the surface.
Solids absorb radiation on the surface layer, water and other fluids are semi-permeable.
Germicidal UVC radiation (more info on Wikipedia.com) causes destruction or damage of RNA, DNA, proteins, enzymes, macromolecules and biopolymers.
The consequence of UVC radiation is the impossibility of replication of genetic information, the impossibility of reproduction and thus destruction / extinction.
It also reliably destroys the vast majority of bacteria, microorganisms, viruses, bacilli, streptococci, protozoa, spores, fungi, yeasts, algae...
It is only a photochemical (non-toxic) disinfection / sterilization process, which does not produce any toxic, poissons or chemical by-products that would affect the environment.
The water can be drunk or used immediately after passing through the germicidal filter, without fear of changing taste or health affecting.

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