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SWITCHBOARDS - The choice of switchboards is often greatly underestimated.
However what can be more needed to control the growing phases of plants than just switchboards with timers?
The switchboard is the only high-quality solution for switching light sources with large starting currents.

One of the biggest beginners mistakes is the connection of electronics worth several hundred € to timers worth a few cents, that completely do not meet the needs of the connected appliances with their parameters.
The switchboards, in addition to their main role (control of plant growing phases), mainly ensure reliability during the start-up of the connected equipment.
Higher series of switchboards simultaneously provide different types of protection (thermal fuse, delayed start, protection against overvoltage in the network).
This is a very important factor, ensuring safety even in the case of unexpected events, such as short circuit, mains overvoltage, power failure, etc.
The delayed start function is very important for MH and HPS lamps, when the lamps go out during a short-term outage, and in the event of a rapid resumption of power supply, they cannot re-ignite the discharge until they have cooled down from operating temperature.
In this case, in the absence of the switchboard, the current flows into the lamps unnecessarily and there may occured a risk of permanent damage, in the worst case even a fire.
Also, overvoltage in the network is usually unpredictable, but it almost certainly becomes the killer of all connected electronics.
To avoid meaningless financial damage, a switchboard with protections is an absolute must.


SWITCH TIMERS - Ordinary switching clocks are not designed for such starting currents, with which the ballasts work, what causes their frequent failure without the right to claim.
New products in our offer include Lumii and Lumatek timers, in which case you get reliable and safe digital ballast switches for a very reasonable investment.
Warning: Magnetic ballasts can work with cheaper timers for a limited time, but in the event of their failure, the customer also loses the warranty on the timer!


LUMATEK Digital Timer
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Timer box II 12x600W 3p front 300dpi
Timer box II 12x600W front 300dpi
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Secret Jardin Nano Grow
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Timer box II 8x600W front 300dpi
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