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Terra Power

Whether planting is your hobby or your primary source of income, you should always know how to get the most out of it. If you want your plants to grow strongly and healthily and at the same time make your care as environmentally friendly as possible, then Terra Power products can help you achieve your goal.

Our products are practically non-toxic and do not contain harmful microflora.

Sensi Grow = Gorgona Grow
Sensi Bloom = Gorgona Bloom
Voodoo Juice =  La Calavera
Tarantula  = Goddess Lada
Piranha  = Fire Yields
Bud Ignator  = Fortuna
Big Bud  = Saturn
Overdrive  = Triton
B-52  = La Sirena
Sensyzim =  Atlas
Nirvana  = Phoenix
Flawless Finish  = Narcissus
Bud Candy  = Bacchus
Bud Factor X  = Poseidon
Rhino Skin  = Enigma
Revive  = Artios Touch
Ancient Earth  = Mystical Green


Gorgona BloomB 250ml
from €4,06
Gorgona BloomA 250ml
from €4,06
Bacchus Terra Taste 250ml
from €6,52
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35976 terra power la calavera microbial grow powder 15g CALAVERA15G
35967 terra power atlas terra enzymes powder 15g ATLAS15G
35973 terra power saturn power buds powder 90g SATURN90G
Fortuna Fire Buds 250ml 28185/250
Poseidon Terra Resin 250ml 28197/250
La Calavera Microbial Grow 250ml 28170/250
La Sirena Vitamin Power 250ml 28134/250
Saturn Power Buds 250ml 28200/250
Triton Terra Boost 250ml 28203/250
Atlas Terra Enzymes 250ml 28164/250
Terra Power Zeotrich Terra Minerals (Volume 1kg) ZTM-250
Mockup Enigma 250ml 28188/250
Bacchus Terra Taste 250ml 28191/250
Mockup Phoenix 250ml 28182/250
Narcissus Power Finish 250ml 28194/250