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About Us

Dear customers,


Thank you for supporting OUR online store.

Thanks to you, we are constantly expanding range of our products, we strive to improve services and customer care. Nowadays, the market is oversaturated with all kinds of products, whether they are high quality, but unfortunately often also of poor quality, and for an inexperienced customer, orientation is very difficult.

It is for this reason that we rely on a personal, individual approach.


We personally inspect each order, and if you have ordered goods that do not meet compatibility standards, you will be contacted by a competent person with many years of experience in the field.

On individual pages, we also draw attention to the real parameters that you can expect from a given product (e.g. failure rate, service life, price/quality ratio). 

We can share this information with you only thanks to personal experience with almost every product in our offer. 

Thanks to tens of thousands of orders, thanks to thousands of feedbacks from previous customers, our website truly informs you about the advantages and disadvantages of specific products, which can prevent possible mistakes in selecting goods and thus contribute to the development of indoor cultivation.


There is currently a worldwide boom of INDOOR cultivation, development and technology are moving very fast and that is why we strive to keep up with new trends and provide you with the hottest news on the market.

We are distributors of brands such as Global Air Supplies, LUMATEK, PHRESH, KIND LED, Gorrila TENT, Bluelab, Spectrum KING, CLI-MATE, GREEN-QUBE, CAN Filters, Phantom tent, HORTOSOL, OPTIC LED, VIPARspectra, Rhino,Milwaukee etc ...

If you do not find any goods in our offer, do not hesitate to contact us.

We work with the largest European wholesalers and global manufacturers and therefore we can probably deliver goods according to your requirements.


We are a fair and reliable supplier, which is why we label goods "stocks of availability" according to the real situation. In stock with us means really in stock.

Keeping stock, expanding the range offered and providing first-class service in the form of delivery of shipments usually within 48 hours of ordering increases the cost of our business.

Therefore, the price of our goods may in some cases be slightly higher than the competition, however, we at believe that thanks to the overall approach and quality of services provided, you decide to trust our company.


If you are our existing customer or if you are interested in a one-time purchase in large quantities, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

We are very happy to create an individual price offer for you.


We thank all current and future clients for their trust and look forward to further cooperation.