1 - speed

Prima Klima High-Perfomance 1 speed centrifugal fans with backward curved blades and aerodynamically optimized housing.


17 items total
PK355 400 3713
PK300 315 3712
PK250 L1 PK1R800162
PK125WHSP L photo front PK125-WHSP-L
PK200 A PK200-A
PK160 L PK160-L
PK100 L PK1R800163
PK125 L PK1R420125
PK150 A PK1R800170
PK150 L PK1R800171
PK160 A PK1R800161
Prima Klima nástěnný držák pro ventilátor PK100 PK125 39500