Advanced Hydroponics

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AH start
€47,40 excl. VAT

Advanced Hydroponics Starters Kit, value for your money. All the required nutrition for your plants in one box!

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€30,46 excl. VAT

Complete discounted set Advanced Hydroponics Dutch formula set AH Grow + AH Bloom + AH Micro, all in 1L. Complete basic nutrition for plants.

3888 advanced hydroponics coco advanced xl
€14,23 excl. VAT

Advanced Hydroponics of Holland dehydrated substrate for growing in coconut. With trichoderma.

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Advanced Hydroponics canister tap
Usually in stock within one day
€13,18 excl. VAT

Advanced Hydroponics canister tap.

from €11,83 excl. VAT
from €14,31

Advanced Silica contains a high-quality, silicon dioxide. solution SiO² (hydrolysed silicon): this is an easily absorbable and important...

1509 1 advanced hydroponics growth bloom excellerator 1 l
from €10,13 excl. VAT
from €12,26

This “Growth Bloom Excellarator” boosts primarily the formation of green matter and flowers.

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1515 1 root stimulator advanced hydroponics
from €10,13 excl. VAT
from €12,26

Original “Root Stimulator” is used by many regular growers. “Roots Stimulator” tissue formation directly in the roots area or...

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Advanced Hydroponics Final Solution (Objem 5l)
from €8,44 excl. VAT
from €10,21

Advanced Hydroponics Final Solution is a product for rinsing and cleaning plants from fertilizers and other products.

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Advanced Hydroponics Micro
from €8,44 excl. VAT
from €10,21

You will see that MICRO is the secret for success, supporting the crop during their complete life cycle.

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from €7,42 excl. VAT
from €8,98

Advanced Amino is an optimal biostimulant for more energy and vitality. Through an enzymatic (natural) hydrolysis and microfiltering, the...

Advanced Hydroponics Bloom
from €6,74 excl. VAT
from €8,16

The Flowering is the productive part of a plant's life. Dutch Formula BLOOM is a "power diet" for the flower production....

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Advanced Hydroponics Grow
Advanced Hydroponics Grow
Usually in stock within one day
from €6,74 excl. VAT
from €8,16

The recommended combination of Dutch Formula 1, 2 and 3 during the 18 hour vegetative stage is the best guarantee for high quality...

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Advanced Hydroponics PK 250ml
from €6,74 excl. VAT
from €8,16

Advanced PK is a high-quality fertiliser with a balanced Phosphorus-Potassium ratio and is an excellent addition to thebud shaping,...

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from €6,40 excl. VAT
from €7,75

A natural “Enzymes+” component of the Natural Power line activates beneficiary micro organis in the growing media, this helping...

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