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Terra Aquatica NovaMax Grow

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Works as a specialized nutrient for accelerating the growth of plants and leaves.
Due to the high concentration of the product, it must be shaken well before each use!

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In stock | 21077/500
€9,45 excl. VAT
In stock | 21077/1L
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Product detailed description

Terra Aquatica has introduced the European version of the very popular FloraNova series with the new name NovaMax.
New production line in France means many benefits for EU customers!
1) Significant price reduction due to lower transport and operating costs.
2) Increasing the volume of packaging due to the transition from US metrics to EU metrics, i.e. from gallons to liters.
3) Improving the traditional recipe thanks to better sources of fulvic acid, which is the basic building block of this series.
4) In terms of a liter of mixed watering, NovaMax becomes a premium organomineral fertilizer with the lowest price.

Extra concentrated, hybrid liquid one-component fertilizer for hydroponics, coconut and soil.
The most concentrated one-component liquid nutrition on the market. NovaMax represents a breakthrough in fertilizer technology.
It gives growers the power of powder concentrates together with the ease use of liquid fertilizers in a REALLY one-component form - one bottle is enough for growth, one for flowering.
For healthy growth, there is no need to supply Cal-Mag / PK / or additional trace elements.
Our unique formula based on thoroughly purified minerals and natural supplements contains, among other things, humic extracts and is concentrated using patented technology - thanks to this, a very small amount of NovaMax fertilizer has a strong effect and can be applied to any type of plant.

Highly concentrated liquid fertilizer (1 l = 1.4 kg) with stabilized pH
Suitable for all growing methods
High efficiency in all types of plants
Seamless mixing with soft and hard water
Optimal nutrient absorption is supported by natural humic extracts
Absolutely simple application


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