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Looking for the best ozone (O3) generator that is also affordable? Then look no further, because the Diamond Air Basic is an industrial in-line ozone air purifier. The in the Netherlands developed and CE / ROHS certified ozone generator that has a stainless steel reactor and is made of powder-coated aluminum to prevent corrosion.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The Diamond Air In-Line Ozone generator, produces Ozone (O3) through electrostatic discharge in it's reactor. The produced Ozone reacts with / removes the substances present in the air stream (odors, bacteria, viruses, fungi). Ozone can be recognized in nature as the fresh air after a thunderstorm.

The Diamond Air Ozone generator can be used in combination with traditional carbon filters in order to be 100% sure of all odors being removed. The ozone generator also operates in humidities up to 80%, high humidity will decrease the ozone production.


  • 100% removal of smell;
  • Improved air quality;
  • Kill all viruses, bacteria and fungi;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Energy efficient;
  • No consumables, like detergents;
  • Light and compact In-Line Ozone generator;
  • Plug & Play;
  • Adjustable ozone production;
  • Reactor can be easily removed for maintenance or replacement by means of 4 plastic cap screws.


  • Connection diameter: Ø 355MM;
  • Capacity: 4800m³/h.
  • Number of Ozone plates: 5;
  • Voltage: 230V / 50Hz;
  • Maximum power: 50W;
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C / +50°C;
  • Max. Relative humidity: 80%;
  • Fuse: 0.5A (230v).

The Diamond Air ozone generator must be installed in a ventilation duct, after the fan. The air ducting after the ozone generator has to be at least 5 meters long. This to provide sufficient time for the ozone to react with the polluted air.

The ozone generator, produces high concentrations of ozone. Inhalation of high doses of ozone can be harmful to the health. The ozone generator may not be turned on before proper installation in a ventilation duct. The generator may also only be activated if there is an air flow in the ventilation duct.

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