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Oxypot Single, for 1 plant, without air pump

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Oxypot Single, for 1 plant, without air pump set, 35x35x37cm, tank 19L

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Product detailed description

The plants are placed in an Oxypot hydroponic basket and the roots grow into a tank where the air pump constantly oxidizes the solution.
The roots have an unlimited supply of nutrient solution and oxygen, so they grow fast!

Ideal for growers who want to:

  • extreme flower growth thanks to a well-nourished root ball
  • perfect use of space in the room or box
  • precise fertilization

Oxypot Single Kit Product details:
In Oxypots, the plants are grown in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution, which generates explosive plant growth and very high yields.
Each individual oxypot consists of a 20 liter bucket with a 140mm hydroponic basket in the lid.
The plant is placed in this basket, surrounded by expanded clay and the roots hang down in a bucket, where an air pump and a stone saturate the nutrient solution.
On the side of this plastic bucket is a clear tube that shows the level of the solution.
The level should be maintained 1 to 2 cm below the bottom of the flower basket.

Use of oxypots:
Growth in DWC is quite easy - it's all about maintaining the right nutrient levels inside the bucket.
Once every 2-3 weeks, Oxypot should be filled with fresh nutrient solution.
During this time, as the nutrient level decreases, the bucket must be topped up with 1/4 to 1/2 of a strong nutrient solution to keep the level at the desired level at all times.
Remember to always adjust the pH as needed!

NEVER let the level drop too low, because the less water in the bucket, the more toxic the solution.
Also pay close attention to the health of your plants, as the nutrient content can fluctuate significantly, especially in the flowering phase.
If the tips/ends of the leaves are white or yellow, these are burns caused by over-nutrition.
In this case, dilute the nutrient solution with more pH-adjusted water or reduce the nutrient dosage!

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