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Ionizer Malapa IN05

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Brand: Malapa
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Ionizer for neutralization of odors and enrichment of air with negative ions, omnidirectional, 5x ionization unit, ceiling mounting, for rooms up to 750m3, main switch, LED indication, 230V voltage, 15W max. consumption, 3m long cable terminated with a plug, dimensions 341x 291x 128mm

Detailed information

Product detailed description

IN05, air ionizer The IN05 air ionizer has been successfully tested by the State Institute of Public Health, and is used to enrich the air with negative ions. The device is a high-performance negative ion generator and will cover even larger rooms up to 150m³. The main switch is located on the box. No harmful ozone was detected with the IN05 ionizer. For a long stay in the room, we recommend staying at least 2.5 meters from the device. A negative high-voltage carbon fiber emitter (brush) fires negative ions into the space, which intensively ionizes the air. The produced negative ions (anions) are colorless and odorless (be careful not to confuse with ozone).

use of ionizer:
In everyday life it can be used to neutralize odors and enrich the air with negative ions in operating rooms, hospitals, homes, waiting rooms, locker rooms, relaxation rooms, salt caves, sports halls, gyms, antistatic workplaces, at home, in food, industry, or science . Wherever you use electrical and electronic devices, the action of electrostatic charges creates positive ions (cations), these cations cause increased nervousness, fatigue. This air ionizer enriches the air with negative (anions). These negative charges balance this positive charge and thus improve the breathability of the air. The device neutralizes electrostatic charges and increases the concentration of negative ions.
Appropriately chosen ionization reduces the production of NH3 (ammonia / ammonia), NO2 (nitrogen dioxide), H2S (hydrogen sulfide), CH4 (methane), N2O (nitrous oxide), CO2 (carbon dioxide), dust particles in animal production, further leads to improved condition and reduction of drug consumption in animals.

The ionizer is not equipped with any fan or filters that need to be replaced (no extra costs are required). You can mount the device on a wall (included).

measured concentrations of light negative ions of one emitter:
at a distance of 50cm from the emitter the average concentration of negative ions is 3.0 x 10⁵ per 1cm³
at a distance of 100cm from the emitter is the average concentration of negative ions 8.0 x 10⁴ per 1cm³
at a distance of 150cm from the emitter is the average concentration negative ions 2.8 x 10⁴ per 1cm³
at a distance of 200cm from the emitter the average concentration of negative ions is 1.2 x 10⁴ per 1cm³
at a distance of 250cm from the emitter the average concentration of negative ions is 4.8 x 10³ per 1cm³
at a distance of 300cm from the emitter the average concentration of negative ions is 1.3 x 10³ per 1cm³
at a distance of 350cm from the emitter, the average concentration of negative ions is 7.5 x 10² per 1cm³,
at a distance of 400cm from the emitter, the average concentration of negative ions is 5.4 x 10² per 1cm³

Carry out the installation and replacement of the emitter carefully, manually, disconnect the device from the mains. The carbon fiber brush is very brittle. The ionizer produces high voltage even with minimal current. Install the device indoors in a safe and dry place with good air circulation. The device must be placed at a height that is out of reach of people and animals. Optimal distance from the device for long-term stays of people and animals from 2.5 meters. The appliance must not come into contact with water or other liquids (do not use in the bathroom).
The device is designed to be hung on the ceiling with handles on the box (included).

ionizer maintenance:
Always observe safety precautions during maintenance. Switch off and unplug the appliance before handling it. The emitter (brush) can get dirty over time, you can clean it by leaching or scraping (or replacing it with a new one). Do not use this product and its accessories contrary to these instructions! The ionizer requires no maintenance other than cleaning the brush. Do not use any scouring agents or chemical solvents (thinners for paints and varnishes), as these could damage the surface. The recommended cleaning is mechanical.

technical data of ionizer IN05:
power supply - 230V AC 50Hz
consumption - up to 15W
concentration of negative ions (anions) - each emitter dia. from 3.0x 10⁵ / 1cm² (50cm) to 5.4x 10² / 1cm² (400cm)
ozone concentration - no
room size detected - up to 750m³ (area 10 x 15m, height 5m)
main switch - with LED indication (signals connection to el. Network)
indication - LED diode for each ionization unit (5x)
power cord with plug - 3 meters
emitter material (brush) - carbon fiber
emitter size (brush) - diameter 5, length 57mm
box size - length 341, width 291, height 128mm
mounting - on the ceiling (brackets)
total weight - 3050 grams
working temperature -20 ° to 70 ° C
working humidity - 0% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
storage temperature - 0 ° to 45 ° C
enclosure protection - IP64
emitter enclosure - IPXX
enclosure - ABS

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