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JUNGLE G6 is a range of complex concentrated two-component fertilizers for herbs and pepper.

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Product detailed description

JUNGLE G6 is a range of complex concentrated two-component fertilizers for herbs and pepper.
Organomineral two-component nutrition for ideal growth and fruit.
Suitable for all types of hydroponic and aeroponics systems.
At half concentration it can also be used for growing in soil.

Advantages of JUNGLE Garden products:

Concentrated organo-mineral composition
Compatible with all hydroponic methods (ebb & flow, drip, nft, etc.).
Suitable for hydroponic cultivation in all inert media (clay pebbles, grodan, etc.).
Besides basic nutrients also contains trace elements in chelated form.
Contributes to a better absorption of nutrients, healthy growth and formation of rich flowers and delicious fruits.
Each fertilizer is adapted to the requirements of specific types of plants and crops.
Prepared nutrient solution is ready to use up to 1 month under the right conditions.

It must be always combined with Jungle Garden Base, it does not work independently!

Jungle Garden G6 fertilizer dosage:
Jungle Garden Base in a ratio of 20 ml / 10 l of water
Jungle Garden G6 in a ratio of 50 ml / 10 l of watering
When growing in soil, use half the concentration.

pH 6.0 to 6.5 / EC 1.5 to 2.5

The basic organo-mineral fertilizer for herbs and pepper Jungle Garden G6 is always used together with the basic ingredient Jungle Garden Base.
Shake the bottle before use.
First mix the Base component with water and after thorough mixing then add G6.

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