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GRODAN planting cube 75x75x65mm with a small hole - 1 pc

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Grodan planting cube 75x75x65 mm with a small hole is an inert medium suitable for the healthy growth of adult plants. It's up to you whether you plant a seedling in it or insert a smaller cube with a pre-grown plant.

Grodan planting block is a practical and recyclable growing medium.
It is made of basalt wool and calcium by melting in an oven at 1500 ° C.
This creates "stone" lava, which is further processed into thin fibers and then pressed into the desired shape.
Thanks to this process, Grodan is a completely sterile and inert medium.
Mineral felt (rockwool) has the ability to retain a large amount of water and at the same time maintains a balanced air ratio, which ensures the unique development of the root system of the cultivated plant.

Grodan has many advantages that you will appreciate when indoor and outdoor cultivation.

  • rich root development due to excellent air to water ratio
  • saves water and fertilizers
  • does not affect the pH or EC of the solution, so you have maximum
  • control over nutrient intake
  • Grodan is suitable for growing in NFT or EBB & Flow systems
  • a clean and healthy environment does not promote the formation of mold
  • or the presence of pests
  • after cleaning it allows multiple use

Before using, NEVER FORGET to soak the rockwool (cubes, mats, grit, etc.) with a sufficient amount of lukewarm water (ideally 25 ° C).
The water must have a tuned pH of 4.8-6 (according to the needs of cultivated plants)
Drain the rockwool properly to get rid of excess water.
Smaller planting cubes are used to germinate seeds and seedlings.
For the next stages, it is advisable to place larger growing cubes on compact meter mats.

Grodan products do not have a negative impact on the environment, in addition, they save a lot of water, so they are also suitable for outdoor or organic cultivation.

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