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Mineral powder fertilizer designed specifically for the vegetative phase of all plants.

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Product detailed description

This recipe provides optimal plant development during the growing season, resulting in greener, stronger and more resistant plants.
This growth pattern is ideal for the development of mother plants and cuttings.
It can also be used very effectively as a foliar spray.

Maximum solubility: 160g / 1l water
Recommended amount for stock solution: 30g / 1l water

Guaranteed analysis:
24% (N) Total nitrogen
13% Nitrate nitrogen
11% Ammonia nitrogen
6% (P2O5) Soluble phosphorus pentoxide
12% (K2O) Soluble potassium oxide
2% (MgO) Soluble magnesium oxide
0.02% (B) Soluble boron
0.04% (Cu) Soluble copper (in EDTA chelate)
0.1% (Fe) Soluble iron (in EDTA chelate)
0.05% (Mn) Soluble manganese (in EDTA chelate)
0.01% (Mo) Soluble molybdenum (in EDTA chelate)
0.01% (Zm) Soluble zinc (in EDTA chelate)

  • Nitrogen plays a key role in many critical plant functions, such as photosynthesis and protein production.
  • During the vegetative stage, plants require more nitrogen than during flowering.
  • Plants use nitrogen in the form of nitrate nitrogen and ammoniacal nitrogen.
  • Both of these forms of nitrogen are present and in a composition where they can be taken up immediately by the plant.
  • Nitrogen deficiency results in stunted growth, yellowing of the leaves and loss of protein.

SOIL: fertilize every second watering.
HYDROPONIA / COCONUT: fertilize with each watering.

This dosage can be used without monitoring pH and EC values, just follow the instructions.
However, we recommend measuring these values ​​for the best results.
The hardness of the tap water must be taken into account in these tables.
When using hard water and nutrient-rich soil, one product (Short Flowering, Hybrids, or Long Flowering) can be used from start to harvest, making our product line a cost-effective affair.
It is possible to use a combination of our essential nutrients and Booster.
When a range of values ​​is mentioned (e.g. 5-7g / 10l), it means that the first value is used first, which is gradually increased every week until the final value is reached.

Vegetative growth phase:
SEEDLINGS: 2.5g / 10l water
YOUNG PLANTS / ROOTED CUTS: 5g / 10l water
ADULT PLANTS (3+ WEEKS): 5-7g / 10l water
Flower phase:
MINERAL FERTILIZERS: 7-10g / 10l of water
MINERAL FERTILIZERS + BOOSTER PK + 3-7g / 10l of water
BOOSTER PK +: 2-5g / 10l water

See tables in attached files: Soil Short, Soil Hybrid, Soil Long, Coco Short, Coco Hybrid, Coco Long, Rockwool Hybrid

  • The values ​​in these tables are calculated using water with an EC of 0.0.
  • The pH value may vary depending on water quality and temperatures.
  • When Calcium is added, the pH values ​​may increase depending on the water quality and temperatures.
  • NEVER use CalMag with our mineral range! Calcium nitrate can react with potassium phosphate and magnesium sulfate and can result in the formation of gypsum and thus impede water supply or cause irrigation deficits.
  • Our mineral range of fertilizers does not contain calcium, which means that if you use very soft water, rainwater, or water from an osmotic unit, you need to add Calcium additionally.
  • Keep the temperature of the nutrient solution between 18-22 ° C.
  • Check the EC value from the outlet (after spilling the pot or media) and flush if the value is higher than EC 2.5.
  • For best results, keep the pH in this range:
    Soil: 6.0 - 6.5
    Hydro / Coco: 5.8 - 6.2
    Rockwool: 5.5 - 6.0

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