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Nutriculture X-Stream Plant Aeroponic Unheated Propagator

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Speed through rooting and early growth! All you need is an X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator.

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Product detailed description

  • Huge roots in record time
  • Increase cutting success rate
  • Ready plants for hydro system or pots

Product detailed description

The unique environment in an X-Stream aeroponic propagator results in incredible root development and plants that are ready for transplanting sooner than ever. Cuttings are ready to transplant in just 10-14 days!  The mist prevents root rot and drying out and provides unrestricted access to oxygen, the large vents in the lid provide humidity control, and the heated version enables you to raise cuttings in an unheated area all year. Because the mist is constant, there’s no need to monitor water levels every day. A higher % of your cuttings will root (many growers report 100% success rates) and the plants will be faster growing and more resistant to stress and disease throughout their life thanks to their incredibly healthy start.

X-Stream plant Aeroponic propagator  If you want a squeaky clean environment and super-fast rooting for cuttings get yourself an X-stream. If you want to raise seeds whilst avoiding hotspots and coldspots get an X-stream Heat and if maintaining perfect humidity is your priority you need the height adjustable Vitopod

A 12 site aeroponic propagators that produces quicker transplants than any other form of propagation. The roots hang in an air space which is sprayed with moisture for maximum oxygen uptake. Use rockwool (supplied), clay pebbles, perlite, coco peat, or nothing at all. Add a small 50w water heater to reduce rooting time even further. Supplied ready to use with mesh pots, neoprene collars, pump and spray assembly.

The X-stream range of aeroponic propagtors give the grower the quickest route to healthy transplants. Seeds or cuttings can be established in any growing medium or the grower can opt for using the mesh pots and clone collars supplied thus removing the need for a growing medium. The plants can then be transplanted to any medium or hydro system. The fast, strong root growth which occurs has made the aeroponic propagators a favourite with our customers.

An aeroponic propagator is an unbeatable environment for root development resulting is faster and stronger root growth, so your plants are ready for transplanting sooner than ever. Every X-stream aeroponic propagator comes with one of our X-stream lids, which have large butterfly vents for greater control over humidity and temperature.

How does it work?

The seeds or cuttings are placed in mesh pots in the propagator, the pots are suspended in the air and a fine mist of water and nutrient is constantly sprayed around the base of the plants. This misting stimulates fast growth as the roots are encouraged to grow out to access the water and nutrient. The plants have superb access to oxygen and the lid creates just the right amount of warmth and humidity. Plants are typically ready to transplant after just 7 to 10 days.

No air stone required - The X-Stream Propagator sprays a fine mist in a highly oxygenated environment and has been engineered so that the mist density is such that an air stone isn't required.

Available in 12 space, 20 space, 40 space and 120 space sizes,

 The 120 space option has 3 x 40 space trays so that growers can remove individual trays as and when plants are ready.

The complete X-Stream aeroponic chopper includes:

  • tank
  • transparent lid with flaps
  • support tray
  • meshed flower pots
  • pulp collars
  • a pump
  • nozzle distribution system
  • complete instructions for use.

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